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Probably clean?

He was close friend with Epstein for two decades, was a fixture at every Epstein party, and was accused in court (with a witness) of raping a 13-year-old girl at an Epstein party: the charges were dropped when she was paid off. He was accused of paedophile creeping Buy literally dozens of the contestants in his Miss teen universe pageants.

Trump was never clean, and it appalls me that there are still people around to believe he is there a great defender against the pedophiles as opposed to being the uncrowned king of pedophiles.

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It is my estimation that Trump was the only way to push the agenda forward -- bcuz there was no way even a fragment of the red population would have gone along with extreme behavior from Hillary. Trump softened the blow and hell, look at his years.. we lost more culture than ever. Statues, riots, rights.. all gone DURING his term and look at us now.. still complacent as they take more.

Trump was a pay off. That is why his "oh my election" is so soft and weak winded. Yes it was a coup, but ironically it was a coup from the same people to the same people. Everything has been engineered against actual democracy for a long time now. To suppose Trump was someone so cunning he circumvented the system is naive.

He hired more swamp. He failed on his promises to shut down the swamp and all people on the right go is.. well it was hard. :/

In the absolute least, if he was on our side, then he was a weak piece of shit. He couldn't speak the truth by naming names, he hired swamp, he propped up Fauci and the hoax, he continues to do so, he now releases statements whining about republicans.. its pathetic ..

..but ayh understand that there is no one else to look up to for American patriotism so.. sigh.

We are going to fix that soon.

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people need to hear what Joseph Farrell has to say about how Trump connects to JFK, it's a lengthy but amazing discussion on Forum Borealis:

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Sum it up