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It's just the set-up.

The real genocide is whatever happens next, and it will blue the number of deaths caused by vaccines.

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For me, it seems more like this,

If you don't know where I got this from, it's from the Khmer Rouge era of Cambodia which basically destroyed all of Cambodian society in 4 years and leave it permanently scarred.

Compare all of the lying, destruction and social distancing / "root-out policies" in Covid World to the Khmer Rouge era policies. It's almost the same thing save for the death sentence.

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Dude just go with what they say openly - no gas cars, no cash, travel restrictions forever (cause they are going to last as long as covid and covid is going to last forever), patriot/freedom-lovers/independant types are bad and need to be wiped out. Online anonymity gone and censorship through the roof.

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its like watching the founding days of the Borg collective