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I'm an hour and 41 min into this vid:

Geert Vanden Bossche and Dr. Robert Malone new interview together. (www.bitchute.com)

This guy posted it yesterday.


Not much going on the whole time, it's like when I was a kid and would try to watch the news. You almost fall asleep. But it's getting more interesting later on here.

If you're not familiar with these couple guys.. well.. when I was researching about doctors and some virus experts who were advising against the covid vaccines.. I heard about these couple guys. So, you can look them up.

But yeah.. paused in the vid here.. cause they're saying.. yeah the vaccine will calm down severe reactions but it seems to increase the damn death rate.

So I don't know man. What do you guys think about the swab tests? If this heath pass like Italy comes in, where to work even a shit job you either need to be vaccinated or take a test quite often. I'm like.. I ain't takin the swab ok. If they do this shit here that's my cut off point and we'll see if I head out to live in the wilderness. If they're doing this crazy shit with the vaccine, you can bet there's shenanigans with the swabs. That's how it spread when people were locked down. So, fuck the swabs, man. But you never hear anybody talking about this shit. Nobody checks swabs to see if there's random who knows what on them.

My advice is.. if you haven't taken the test.. and shit starts hitting the fan.. you need to treat the fucking test shit like you are the vaccine. Don't fuckin do this shit, man. That's what I'm doing. That's when it's gonna be pretty difficult if they do the health pass because then I'm fucked and can't work a job. I'm like.. ok I'll go live off the land in the bush for a few years. After a few winters, go by some road, see how much traffic there is. lol. I don't know man.. this shit is fucking crazy, man. But you gotta hang in there, cause it really does sound like they're gonna be croaking. lol. Wait till they keep getting more boosters, eh. Ya gotta give this till like 2025, the time around that Deagel military hardware site's population decline forecast from several years ago. That seems like the window.. if you can get past that, then it's like.. ok what's going on then. But no way in fuck am I ever getting the covid vaccine, either way. Just too much bad data in this offline covid research folder here of doctors advising against it.

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OP, are there any circumstances under which you will get these death shots?

If you answer "no", then you have already won.

If you answer "yes" then you will never win.

This is a test. Its a test you will have to pass on your own. You will have to decide if you are going to acquiesce and obey immoral authority, thus making yourself immoral, or are you going to be a moral person and stand up for yourself?

And yes, the vaxxed are all going to die. This is why I know we will win because our enemies are very literally killing themselves. And once the die off is obvious to all there will be many angry vaxxed and many more angry people of those that died from the vax. That is a lot of righteous anger and it will be focused on the enemies of mankind and their punishment will be swift and just.