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I'm unvaxxed and in the military. The ALNAV pretty much says vaccines are the best protection we have against the virus (lie). They won't accept natural immunity or surviving covid the first time where your body builds against it. You must get the shot.

It doesn't make sense, only thing I can think of is someone in the higher up keeps pushing it, or I guess they are getting bribed. Then I remember that the President is top of the military and probably enforces that, aka ((them)).

I just stress everyday about it though, I don't know why I should. As far as I see, the ALNAV says FDA approved vaccine, and the Pfizer BioNTech covid-19 vaccine isn't an approved vaccine (the one they are giving out in the military). (Even says on FDA website, but Medical wanted to argue with me). So I am following orders by denying the pfizer shot, EUA. The comirnaty was approved, but isn't available in US.

I think I did a religious exemption on it in Feb and it got approved, but my command can't seem to find my waiver, oh well.

But even if I have to do another, my problem now is that how can I prove to the military that my sincerely held belief is that I am against vaccines (and medicine), I believe it is a sin to have.* And if they deny that reasoning, then I guess I'll be getting kicked out, which sucks and all.

*I took the damn vaccines while prior service before, and I didn't know then vaccines or medicine was against my religion, but I know better now as I read and study more.

Little rant I wanted to share I guess, lots of stress past several weeks. Thanks.

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And as for some one being paid. I know that of lot of bad people were promoted under Obama. Obama is a puppet of the occult, so I don’t think those guys promoted would need to be paid. Murdering Christians would be good enough for them. Have you ever heard of Michael Aquino? He set up the temple of satan in the military. My guess is, they picked their candidates to promote from people that were involved with Aquino… there are a lot of Bolshevik “jews” in the tops brass now too… the good thing for you is, occultist don’t want to directly force any one to take a shot. They want you to choose to be separated from God, just like Job.. they don’t like making saints into martyrs..