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braveContrarian 3 points ago +4 / -1

ive had some experiences which led me to believe that actually aliens are extradimensional entities (possibly demons) and not from another planet. I had altered consciousness states using occult methods before i found god to astral project or out of body experience. In those experiences i did see very evil entities in scenarios that were by all means similar to an alien abduction experience, however I did not see "aliens" (well i guess i did but not those aliens), i wasnt on a 'space ship' i was clearly in or outside my own body in my own bedroom and they were with me there in that place.

whether or not the experiences were real or just some state of consciousness that gives the illusion of reality, i believe that is actually what the aliens are.

as for the disc objects flying in the sky, one theory that would fit with this is if they arent actually really spacecraft, but thats an incidental side function. they might actually be interdimensional crafts.

notice how they never seem to come land here for extended periods of time. they appear and disappear. they definitely hang around and even come back. but they dont stay here for very long.

you'd think if it was a 'space ship' there would be more clear signs of entrance and exit, and you'd think theyd have at least one extended stay after people already saw them. even if it was only a single 30 minute to an hour event. but that never happens does it.

they also move in ways which seem to defy physics. which might make sense if they were slipping/transversing through dimensions to move rather than space.

but i dont know. this is all guesswork.