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Mrexreturns 4 points ago +4 / -0

Terror. Also it will most likely occur in the middle of a Communist Revolution (Aka the White House burns).

End_Land_Taxes 3 points ago +3 / -0

None of it makes sense. "They" already control everything. They're up to something sinister, that's for sure, but the overarching plan is something most people haven't thought about yet. That's my take at least.

Systemdotoutdotprint 2 points ago +2 / -0

That’s what I’ve been wondering this entire year. They literally just pulled off the steal of the Century and nobody fought them. They control everything and everyone why wouldn’t they play nice and take things slow? That way literally nobody could fight them. Up until this year they would take decades to plan and execute their agenda why rush it now? We have to remember the globohomos are people too, often extremely emotional people who fall prey to the same psychological manipulation we do. The two psychological traits that would explain this acceleration is one fear or two overconfidence. They could be scared that their power is at risk and trump(if he isn’t controlled dissent) and patriots around the world really do pose a threat to them, or they could be so overconfident that they think they have won and they are tired of playing the long game. They want total control and they want it now. It reminds me of a tv show about 15 years ago called lie to me. In the show there is a specific episode where the genius detective main character has to go up against a genius serial rapist who has covered all his tracks and controls everything around him. The detective got him to give his own plans up in the end by constantly “losing” in front of him and making him think he was in control. The serial rapist got over confident and gave up a crucial detail to his plan and that is what allowed the detective to catch him red handed in his next rape attempt. It’s a weird comparison to draw but it makes total sense on a human psychology scale and the situation of what if this year is to make the globalists overconfident keeps playing over and over again in my head. But I’m just spitballing really long posts at 3am so what do I know...

NachtAffen [S] 1 point ago +1 / -0

Ikr.. all of these theories are great and totally check out but the "war without tears" has been going so smoothly, I cant see them shaking things up too abruptly

Skyrison 2 points ago +2 / -0

they are going ham and have been....they see enough people dont rebel.

FBoysInc 3 points ago +3 / -0

Anyone remember Cyber Polygon? I think they'll reset the internet, everything lost, and then to get back on you'll have to have an ID. The internet will be local only, and will not allow you to access news from other countries.

JoeBlowGun 3 points ago +3 / -0

Would Crush bitcoin / Crypto and send gold and silver through the roof. Maybe they are trying or waiting for more to jump on the Ultimate pump and dump scheme to strip wealth of those that thought they were winning.

if you cannot hold it in your hand. it aint worth shit.

Ammo and Bic Lighters will be worth more than any paper wallet you hold same goes for fiat currency.

Skyrison 3 points ago +3 / -0

they are going to bring it down if things get TOO "out there" and people keep on doing more information gathering and outing things like the rna shots, government secrets and all that.

KiloRomeo 3 points ago +3 / -0

Financial rest?

hehasnoweong 3 points ago +3 / -0

Just long enough to put dissidents into fema camps? Or let people die of their vaccines side effects at home without being able to tell the world ?

braveContrarian 3 points ago +3 / -0

not only terror a huge goal in tech has been for a long time now to remove PERSONAL computing and replace it with super controlled, has a government encryption chip with a backdoor, cloud OS based software the user has no control of making alterations on.

see as it stands as a low level assembly programmer in the modern day (dont want a job dont care) i actually DO have some programming and security know-how to fuck with their backdoors in a lot of ways.

if they did use current types of tech for self driving brethalyzer cars i could hack the shit out of that fucker and gain root access just like the elites.

now most people cant. but some can. and those few are a problem.

its not only about monitoring them or controlling them either, its about control of hte marketplace.

if im not allowed to program my own software im FORCED to go through them and their contractors and their marketplace system. its communism. or fascism. its enforced market control is what it is.

truth be told personal computers could have been a really powerful tool, and in the OG computer revolution before web 2.0 took off, it really was!

it was only 2.0 and after where corporations seized control of what used to be all private property. or at least took control of using advanced tactics, the major highways of the internet.

for example at some point godaddy and others started using AI to pre-buy good domain names and sell them at higher prices than normal ones. stuff like this cuts out normal small time people from 'buying a good name and hitting it rich' like when google became king.

see the reason why big major hacks happen all the time but you still get security updates every day? ITS BECAUSE THE SECURITY IS FOR YOU NOT THEM. you are the one locked in the prison bars.

ive been making lockpicks all these years taking strolls out the prison. lots of us are. in their opinion this cant go on, especially as they intend to start using it as part of state security apparatus.

braveContrarian 2 points ago +2 / -0

to get deeper into this if you care about comp sci, look at an OS like windows vs linux or BSD in terms of assembly programming.

linux and BSD are classic systems that work the same as a real old system with system calls and complete documentation and transparency to the programmer.

Windows on the other hand hides these things from you and doesnt document them, forcing you to go through their own huge vast libraries of code that are pre-compiled (same libraries used in C)

this layer of abstraction isnt really meant for system security (and in fact makes things more dangerous, as the programmer may not be fully aware of a bug their code has at driver level in the system -- this is why many windows PCs crash)

All it really does is obfuscate the system more so that outsiders to the corporation cant easily do as much modification without being super high level reverse engineering wizards. Yes it allows you to program your application,

yes it might even be easier to have those pre-written libraries of code in the OS.

but theres so much of it, and you'd never get to the bottom of all of it, and a lot of it is even precompiled.

realistically on windows everyone just learns a subset of the API relevant to what they are doing (in game dev we still would use old C winapi and directX or opengl, outside that theyd use the newer easier libs that do essentially similar things with less code)

on linux it would be far more approachable to really "know and understand the system" its essentially the same as programming for DOS or early unix before anyone thought to obfuscate for profit. the only difference is how graphics cards changed so really there is no vga memory space to directly control graphics in asm anymore.

PurpleFox 2 points ago +2 / -0

Just piecing together a theory. Let me know your thoughts and contributions!

1.) Suddenly bring down huge swathes of internet infrastructure under the guise of a massive cyber attack (a la Cyber Polygon). Bonus points if it is conveniently timed to coincide with new lockdowns or the outbreak of a new “highly contagious variant” where there is a heavy dependence on online commerce, teleworking, and virtual learning. Also viable: coinciding with a very damning news story TPTB wish to silence from gaining mainstream attention (too many possibilities to list) or a scandalous series of events they wish to conceal.

2.) Severely disrupt the already strained supply chain and send the economy and financial markets into a panic. There’s a massive run on gasoline, groceries, medicines, and a host of other products. The fear of lack becomes a very powerful manipulative tool. Sustained supply chain problems further push more Mom and Pop businesses to shutter their doors.

3.) Politicians and “experts” select the group(s) of people they decide to blame and malign for the attacks (whether or not they were actually responsible), and in the process, decry the anonymity of the internet that allowed the attacks to be planned and ultimately take place. Anger against the anonymity of the internet is further cemented by the talking heads by blaming it for a host of long-standing problems: perpetuating hateful rhetoric (bullying, trolling, racism, etc.), “promoting misinformation and conspiracy theories,” enabling criminal activity, and preying on children. Encryption is again portrayed as a massive hindrance to those who could have protected us from such devastating cyber attacks.

4.) After the right amount of time has passed and businesses and the public are desperate to “get back to normal,” the government proposes issuing everyone new individual credentials that will be required to participate in Internet 2.0. Perhaps it will be tied to your SSN or maybe even some kind of biometric identifier. Now the government will definitively know exactly who you are every time you’re online — and can control exactly what sites you visit, what you read and watch, and what you say. Lucrative financial incentives will be awarded to ISPs and BigTech for serving TPTB’s interests and becoming “Internet 2.0-compliant.” Sites that refuse to comply will either be canceled or be subjected to draconian regulations that will make them no longer viable.

5.) Existing cryptocurrency becomes a tragic casualty of the massive cyber attack, but never fear, the new “passport” will conveniently provide a perfect avenue for the timely roll-out of FedCoin accounts. It’ll be an opportune time to “reset” the currency situation anyway, since the economy has tanked and they can seize the opportunity to “build back better” by implementing full-tilt socialism under the guise of making the system more equitable and supporting various social justice causes. Forget the $600 threshold currently proposed — they’ll just know every single transaction. New AI tools will be harnessed to help them analyze the transactions and assess any “threats.”

6.) Of course, your medical records and vaccination status can also be conveniently recorded using your “passport”! Now you can once again do things you used to do, like travel freely on mass transit or attend a concert or sporting event, because you’ve been confirmed to not be a “domestic terrorist,” threat to others, OR a virus superspreader.

sumtingwongbruh 2 points ago +2 / -0

all of the above

Needmorepopcorn 2 points ago +2 / -0

I work for "them". I had to provide my cell number a couple of months ago for internal emergency's. Like new shit, not if you die on the job to contact family. More like to call me or text me to relax "it'll all be ok, be a good slave and wait", pretty much foreshadowing when HSD gets shut off. They have foreshadowed many events that came pre covid I was just not paying enough attention, they even gave me the right to travel papers way before it was even talked about. In 2019 I was 1 of 5 selected for the "new" work from home program in April, April 2020 the entire company went work from home almost to the day of my trial run. I hope all the data from my test run made it a smooth transition lol. I know now they are fucking priming us to send out an APB not to panic when no one can get online for work.

The goal? To fuck the slaves harder than before! Why let the poor use internet when it should only be utilized by elites and for slaves to serve the wealthy they are about to try to show us that they be kangz. What you going to use for comms to group up when it goes? Pigeon? USPS?

Time to stock up on AA's and Gameboys.