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funturistic 3 points ago +3 / -0

We all know what goes on with any celebs who die. Too many don't get old. Old ones, nobody wonders if anything was suspicious. They seem to like going after the African American role models in recent years.

After all my research, I'm sure they get eaten alive by the other celebs during occult rituals. Check your satanic calendar for how long they'll be on the back burner till they actually take them out. If it was on a satanic calendar date, that'd be too obvious. Or they could have died before you hear about it.

Check that satanic calendar. This was from the 1988 lunar phase. So figure out your lunar phase for whatever year. This is what they trained cops with.

"SATANIC CULT AWARENESS - Office of Justice Programs"


Scroll later for the calendar. What are we at now. What's coming up.. Sept 22 that year. "Autumn Equinox (SABBAT FESTIVAL) Sun crosses equator and days and nights are equal length.First day of fall.

Who gets their last breath.

Last month I snail mailed Bob Barker from the Price is right.. some emails I sent to the head of the illuminati, Somerset Belenoff, while I was having some beers.. lol.. joking about.. are you guys gonna eat Bob at xmas, a couple weeks after he turns 100 in a couple years. lol. Watch for Bob to off himself soon to avoid that. lol. For Bob I was like, oh it'll be Drew Carey getting that last breath eh.

Illuminati though, see the Svali stuff for what they do at xmas. It's nasty. Xmas eh.. how about when that star wars chick croaked, then her mom. George Michael. That's their christmas dinner, ok. Fuck, could I ever go on and on about these people and suspicious circumstances. How about sacrifices around the grammys.

This guy gets into it. Whitney, Kobe.


They had enough him snooping around and sacked his ass from youtube. lol

Anyways.. here ya go.. spirit cooking with them hanging out. Bodies on tables. You see that in some pop music videos too. They're fuckin ghouls, man.


These people are ghouls, man. How about in LA, the Hollydale restaurant under the Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center. Somerset's daughter Karina runs that.


Easier to dispose of body parts.

Ya had this one too years ago. Where rumors went around, oh celebs used to hang out there.


What did we have in the news lately where some rapper, they tried to dig up their grave. To try and take his bling.

"Pop Smoke’s Gravesite Vandalized, Casket May Have Been Dragged Out – Report"


No word on what they found when they opened that shit up. lol

Well, they probably could put a clone of the celeb in the graves. See the Donald Marshall stories. What happens when celebs go to sleep and their consciousness gets transferred to a cloned body of themself. It's like they're awake but over there. They do nasty shit with each other and if you get injured it hurts like in real life. When you wake up at home, the body drops to the ground at the clone center. Celebs are fucked you know.

But most of the graves in LA are probably empty. lol. Elvis, at his house, not in a cemetery. Would be interesting if they'd do DNA testing on celebs bodies in graves. Shit like Jim Morrison's in Paris. Most of them are probably empty.

How about the wiki page of the list of deaths in rock 'n roll. It ain't no bad night of partying, ok.


Takin 'em out in the late 70's. Don't forget actors.. those are just guys in bands.

Everybody who's famous.. oh somebody close to them, dies. Some wife, a mom. Some kind of "accident". Oh, skiing. No, they have to sacrifice somebody so they can move up to get more fame or pay for what they got. They love the "cancer" excuse, I'll tell ya that.

I know what goes on with this shit at this point. Time for some graves to start getting dug up to see WTF is in them. ok. There needs to be way more of that. How about you get a fucking house beside a cemetery and tunnel to under the graves and really fuckin start checkin.

Celebs though.. now you know why they got that worried look on their faces when the cameras are off. Goin to Dante's inferno and not worth the bit of money and fame they got.

Dante's.Inferno.Animated.2010 full movie


They may also not have the money you think they do. They could be poor as shit and they put 'em in whatever house. In control of their money. Handlers in charge. The real ones will never say hi to you. Or they could get drunk and fuck up and tell you the truth. So naw.. all blue checkmark profiles.. heavily monitored by handlers.

Most if not all, undergo mk-ultra, trauma based mind control like all illuminati who are born into it. Celebs are not who you think they are.

So, this guy here.. Norm.. I was familiar with him over the years. Next one that dies without getting to age 80, same thing. When they're old, less suspicious but same thing. Satanism in Hollywood. But it's like the business world. They're all Luciferian.

When somebody shows you the rock 'n roll devil's horns with their hands, they're not kidding. It's saying hey to their buddies.