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Exactly. If all these people were able to stage this with so many red flags, then you could argue Biden is no longer safe because a guy in a plain shirt could get a selfie and inject him with a Trump Vax or something.

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Well that makes sense for the MSM, lie cheat and make you look at the other hand while they steal your wallet. They will never report this photo because it will make Biden look bad and make it seem trump is much more popular than they say he is. thus it makes our side scream and shout “look look what happened the MSM didn’t report it” then they attack us for being “conspiracy theorists” and that it never happened because that is the only move they have. Subvert the truth and try to convince the normies we are wrong. It makes total sense as how and why the MSM reacts but that doesn’t explain who set this photo up or why... unless Biden got completely trolled because he is senile by the common people who attended the event and the secret service doesn’t give a fuck because they know the truth as well. Believe it or not the type of people who are in those positions in the secret service and other areas of military and Le really don’t give a fuck about anything. Like nothing in either side they just want to get paid and go home to their family.

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No they really can’t. People in those positions play the game very well and they possess a skill set that everyone wants including the globalists. You are looking at this from the wrong way. Imagine you were at a party and your friends got you drunk and recorded you saying or doing something embarrassing. They posted it online but they only have 100 Twitter followers and it’s not getting very much traction. Only the people who look for that stuff know but the rest of your “normal” friends don’t. Let’s say you have 100000 Twitter follower. Would you tweet out the photo and say “look they set me up I’m innocent” or would you deny it ever happened scrub the internet of any existence of it and then when they accuse you of doing that you say “you are all crazy conspiracy theorists and it never happened why are you all so evil and crazy”