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Been reading a few journals on viral dormancy and coming across a lot of discrepancies per influenza "strains" being "seasonal".

Setting aside that influenza disappeared this past year bcuz it larped as cohax.. the issue that bugged me was the number of "cases" of cohoax claimed in the Summer of 2020.

Late Spring into Summer was the biggest spike of case relevance that gave credence to the hoax and CNN ticker boners.

Problem that a lot of us had was the skepticism of a respiratory disease spread during the Summer months when typically we have been conditioned to believe influenza being seasonal, also dips during the Summer months.

Here is the thing.. it probably hasn't.

Consider our modern environment --> we exist in a static temperature. In the Summer we blow conditioned air to a room temperature or colder. In the Winter we blow heated air to room temperature or warmer.

Considering that the primary source of transmission (of bacteria and "virus") is from cross contamination or prolonged exhalation and inhalation, then outdoors is not a source of transmission, the indoors is.

Based then that temperature is the characteristic for seasonal variation.. this is simply not the case when we exist in a static indoor temperature where transmission is optimal.

So if disease is spreading as much in Summer as Winter.. why the "seasonal"?

Consider the single element difference between seasons --> the sun.

With a higher threshold of ultraviolet radiation in the Summer, our bodies absorb high concentrations of vitamin D which can lead to strong immune response.

Fact is that in the Summer our bodies are still spreading influenza the same as in Winter but being exposed to more sunlight reduces symptoms to negligible.

We are conditioned however that "influenza strains are seasonal"

Where did they go then?

They convey two models: 1) migration 2) environment

  1. People in the southern hemisphere are sick from the disease having been given back to them by travelers from northern hemispheres is what is implied. Miraculously this notion is consistent and only undulating by environmental variables. Huh?

  2. How does a virus reduce spread in the Summer, lay dormant enough to spread but not spread vigorously in conditions proclaimed to reduce spread.. then almost like clockwork, re-energize spread? Huh?!

The spread dormancy versus variants versus sustainability versus conditions do not match reality.

More likely is the previous statement.. its spread all the same but the environmental conditions reduce severity.

Embrace this scenario for a moment --> Big Pharma loves to tell you that twice a year you need a flu vax bcuz muh seasonal. Imagine if we could also add Summer as a vector.. oh boy cha-ching!

PCR tests showed viable materials ALL SUMMER when there is advocacy from "experts" that influenza is minimized in the Summer.

Think aym rambling now so let me wrap this up -->

  1. SARS-2 existed -- never transmitted to humans
  2. SARS is a disease so labeling something else was propaganda
  3. CoVID-19 was colds and influenza
  4. Influenza is NOT seasonal
  5. PCR tests are not accurate for testing strains of viruses
  6. Influenza does not have 7 variant strains
  7. Something something dark side
  8. Modern housing and conditions create static environments for disease spread. This is why third world countries see lesser exposure or spread or illness from respiratory disease.
  9. Sun reduces Summer influenza symptoms reducing need for testing or want of

Now pour me another ounce and half of Don Julio Anejo..


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As mentioned, while yes for the most of history, we have existed in more natural conditions, but modern world we do not typically sustain our outside temperature environment therefore our bodies are not exerting as much energy. We exist primarily in artificial environments.

You wake up its room temp.

You walk 15 steps to your car. 3 minutes later its room temp.

You get out of your car and into the store or work --> room temp.

We have created a sustainable environment where disease shd be less influenced by natural environmental conditions.

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