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Ok, so we’ve got bones for dinosaurs or whatever. But apparently only retards believe dragons existed? Well fuck you! Maybe you’re the retard!

Let’s begin. When you think about how dragons are represented, what are they? Pretty much just giant flying crocodiles right? So, it stands to reason that dinosaurs lived, then died out, then after a while humans just sort of evolved from.. nothing or whatever, apparently some cells evolved. Cool. So anyway, I guess a bunch of cultures that had crocodiles and alligators near them just kinda added wings and fire and made up the dragon. So cultures like the Australian aborigines, native Americans, Phillipines, Africa..and the Welsh? And the Chinese? And the English?

This doesn’t make any sense. How are these ancient myths from cultures all over the world, that would have had almost no interaction with each other all copied each other and came up with the same shit? “Terrifying, scaly, four legs, big fangs, spat fire, could fly”. These have to be based off legit experiences.

Think of the Gorilla, doesn’t even sound real, sounds like made up bullshit, but it’s real as fuck.

As for “breathing fire” the Komodo dragon produces venom in its mouth that will fuck you up son.

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RedPill78 2 points ago +3 / -1

I’m a geologist. My first instinct on this post was...incredulous. Having only awoken to the rest of the lies in the past year, I am going to investigate. I have many other fossils I have personally collected, but I’ve never personally collected a dino fossil. I’ve seen footprints, but that’s it. Of course, I’ve seen skeletons. My geo dept. has a trex skull (Auburn, AL).

I had a classmate who now regularly travels for digs. He works at a museum: Jason Schein, Bighorn Basin Paleontological Institute. We don’t see eye-to-eye, politically. Anyway, he is a real person that digs in the dirt for dinos.

As far as dragons, I always just assumed they were folklore tied to fossilised dinos.

PunchMeInTheBalls [S] 2 points ago +3 / -1

Ok, but as a geologist think about this. You know how hard it is to find dino fossils. By your own admission you’ve never done it once and it’s your career.

Are we supposed to be believe that a bunch of people back way back when, with no education or training, were skilled enough to find and collect dino fossils, and then managed to arrange them in logical skeletons, and then decided to base folklore of them? C’mon man, it’s nonsense. If you’re an ancient Chinese, or Welshman, or whatever you’re fucking busy. They had an infant mortality rate of like 30%! Death was everywhere, food was scarce, clean water was scarce. Life was a struggle. Ain’t no one wasting precious time collecting Dino fossils.