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For me, I’m kind of open to anything now. In 2018 if you tried to tell me that The Nazis and The Vatican are in cahoots and built a giant bunker in Antartica to cover up that the earth is flat I’d be like “bro, maybe just stick to 911” but now? After seeing almost every government on the planet synchronise and oppress us as a team? There’s nothing too far fetched.

How about y’all?

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2020 was when my eyes opened. I figured that if we were being lied to about elections, covid, etc. what else have they lied about? I'm at the point where I'm even doubting history. Just think about how historians in a century will write about today, if one can barely weed out the fiction from facts today, how is a historian in a 100 years going to do it?

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Next time a Mormon tries to tell me Jesus and his homies were chilling in America, just checking out cactuses and having orgies with native Americans in the desert ima be like “aight, maybe?”