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Now, in recent years I’ve begun noticing thing. I think almost all of us have, otherwise we’d be ..redditors shudders. Every time someone is this truly awful, deranged, left wing piece of shit I check their early life biography and .. yep, every time. It’s statistically too much, it ain’t a coincidence. But then so many of y’all are Christians. What’s with that? Why were the Jews of the Bible so different? Jesus, Paul, Peter etc. none of these guys were walking around going “ugh, we white people must do better!” or “yeah, I don’t really do gender. Like, if you MUST gender me, I prefer xhir”. And Jesus HIMSELF tends to be quite redpilled on the jq. I’ve heard conspiracies that there the main modern Jews, the ashkenazi, are fake Jews? That they are actually Kazars or something? Any help would be great

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main modern Jews, the ashkenazi, are fake Jews? That they are actually Kazars or something?

At least sefard Jews think so. :)

As for Jesus - it depends if you believe in story. If you do, Jesus was a son of Galilean Mary and God. Both are not Jews.

According to the Gospel, (At least in Ancient Russian translations, directly from Ancient Greek texts) Mary was Galilean girl (not Jewish, otherwise there would been "Jewish girl" in text) from Nazareth. Galilea was completely cleaned from previous etnicities after Assiryan conquest in 733 B.C., then, there arrived Greeks in 333 B.C., then Romans in 53 B.C. and only in 70 A.D. there massively comes Jews. So, in 1 B.C. there was no Jews in Galilea. Also, in early times Cristianity named "Galilean faith", due to most Galileans accept it. As we know, Jews reject Cristianity completely. Even 300 years later, Emperor Julian wrote that Galilean people have Greek habits and practices. So, with high probability Mary was of Assiryan or Greek origin.

If you don't beleive in story - that does not matter who the Jesus was, since according to your belief it is just a fiction character.

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I do believe it. I may have worded it in a confusing way but I do. I’ve heard of way too many people getting haunted by demons during sleep paralysis, and have them swear the only thing that saved them was uttering His name to not believe.

It’s just so confusing, and borderline hard to worship Jesus, thinking he’s related to the Jews of today.