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I’ve had family members beg me to get the jab. “Please, you have to! I know you’re not scared of Covid but don’t you wanna travel?? If you don’t get vaccinated you won’t get to travel!!!”. I don’t believe it. I’m at the point where I’m genuinely willing to be vaccinated. I’m broken. Just fucking give me the fucking vax, I don’t care. But there’s no point. I can surrender and let evil win. But that still won’t be enough. My country, Australia has announced that apparently the goal posts have moved again. It used to be 80% of over 16’s vaccinated and we open up. Apparently the new sciencey data shows that if we did that there literally wouldn’t be enough land in the Outback to bury all the Covid bodies. This Delta just has to many delta atoms or something. It’d be a disaster, the science says so. We now need 80% of Australians over five to be double vaxxed, plus a booster every 6 months. If I thought I could be a Christ like figure and sacrifice myself to satisfy their cruelty lust I’d do it. I’d take 60 million vaccines if it’d mean freedom for my people but it won’t. This will never end.

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Yeah, see I haven’t completely ridden off depopulation. I mean, I get the temptation.

Could you imagine how wonderful the world would be with ~ 1 billion people? Imagine how much less pollution, less crowded. Go to a beautiful beach and don’t have beach towels everywhere. Don’t have the earth ruined by monoculture because it’s impossible to get enough meat to feed 7 billion people steak every night.

I definitely can understand why they’re doing this.I can’t figure out how though. Clearly the Elite aren’t really getting the jab. But they need for more than just them to survive. Say the Elite are around ~ 100 000 people? That’s not really enough to survive and even if they did go it alone, they’ll have to be butchering their own meat, cleaning their own toilets, repairing their own private jets etc.

There must be some mechanism they have in place to keep atleast some of us alive 🤔

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the placebo group. gotta have some people left over

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Yeah but how do you choose who survives? I’d want intelligent, hard working, attractive people to survive. How do you pick them? Are they just doing it by area? Baltimore gets the real jab, Manhattan gets saline injections? Or are they somehow using DNA from 23andme etc?