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Just like Event 201 preceded & predicted the "Covid" plandemic, the "pandemic of cyber attacks", as promised by Klaus Schwab and his WEF with their "Cyber Polygon" exercise, seems to be taking place already, with many large scale hacks being reported.

That's if the MSM is to be trusted, which it isn't. Lets discuss how these hacks are definitely a scam and a set up - What's their end game? Who is they exactly? Post links if you got 'em!

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Been thinking --> remember in the early 00's that the fear was a virus going around the world corrupting computers and downing systems?

That was literally the theme of every movie at the time.

Today the expressed concern has been ransomware and hacking.. but those are ineffectual --> and when you consider that they keep saying "pandemic worse than covid" ayh can't help but think, maybe we're not focused on the right thing.

Going to go look at the virus reports to see if there is any increase in any theater.