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Just like Event 201 preceded & predicted the "Covid" plandemic, the "pandemic of cyber attacks", as promised by Klaus Schwab and his WEF with their "Cyber Polygon" exercise, seems to be taking place already, with many large scale hacks being reported.

That's if the MSM is to be trusted, which it isn't. Lets discuss how these hacks are definitely a scam and a set up - What's their end game? Who is they exactly? Post links if you got 'em!

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Buffet says PANIC about a next pandemic worse that CoVID19 and his pitch is --> CYBER ATTACK.

MSM heads to meet same week as Cyber Polygon

CP to simulate cyber attack response (ala Event 201?)

200 US companies cyber attacked by "muh Russia" for no clear reason --> attacks schools, travel agents, accountants?!

IBM is the lead partner of the event --> 47 of top 50 companies use IBM. For those in the back, IBM has been corrupt as fuck for 80 years including working with NAZI Germany during WW2 and aiding in testing pharma on unknowing peoples.

World Economic Forum makes censorship pledge to “tackle harmful content and conduct online”