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Ebonics and every other degenerate version of English is an effort to subvert the unity of English speaking countries.

Using three letters, "ayh", in place of one letter, "i", is subversion.

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First allow me to say that your reply in favor against was the most eloquent, so bravo good sir.

Conditioning, as do all things, takes time --> and people are resistant to change. So my experiment continues bearing in mind that ayh am not here to impress anyone nor have ayh have found it my duty to inform. It is an honor to inform and share insights with others of like mind, but ayh do so, so as to stir the pot bcuz my intentions are to change the condition.

Things are bad.. and if change is not called for, then why bother complaining et all.

Our intentions on the whole are to be traditionalists.. to restore the sense of freedoms and independence and integrity we once had as cultures --> so, well, "I" is not the form at which it was founded but rather an evolution from larger versions (ich, ic, eg, ek).. so perhaps you can see it as traditionalism. :)

That aside, ayh have found it easy over the year to embrace "ayh" ..and my friends and colleagues have slowly evolved to some tolerance, begrudgingly (no different than here), which is a fascinating human environment. It is an interesting experiment ayh have no desire to terminate for the sake of people complaining on a forum. Is that not something we all desire?.. to not be intimidated by the internet? :)

As a final quip --> Ben Franklin and many other significant individuals of enlightenment in history attempted to create new languages. Not a brag :/