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Sclerotia 3 points ago +3 / -0

My two cents is that covid is real. It was created in a lab. Masks are BS and have done nothing to curb covid.

Kids hardly get covid, almost immune to it.

Kids do get influenza, and thus schools are the breeding grounds for the flu and pretty much how it gets around, if it weren't for schools the flu would hardly exist. Kids do not cover their mouths when they cough and sneeze at the cafeteria table, they pile their coats on one another, they place their hands on eachother. The school bus they tell and scream cough sneeze sit side by side etc, and that is how the flu spreads.

Kids take it home give it to the grown ups, grown ups take it to work and give it to other grown ups.

So you shut down schools and voila! You've accomplished in one flu season what decades of flu vaccines have failed miserably at accomplishing no more flu. If kids were aloud out side, aloud to play and were either homeschooled or homeschool collective in small groups of 20 or so the flu would be erradicated.

Schools and school busses are breeding grounds for all sorts of disease, including social disease and spiritual disease

pkvi [S] 1 point ago +3 / -2

#1 CoVID19 aka SARS2 never existed. It has never been isolated, there was vax dev for this fictitious virus before the virus was published and other respiratory diseases do not vanish while one spreads. Among many other things.

#2 Despite schools being shut down, children were actually quite present in groups in many places, and many red states, kids played at parks, etc. Even in NYC ayh assisted at a Summer Camp from June to Sept.. masks were abused, poorly kept, and kids hovered, etc.. and it was common especially in non white neighborhoods all summer and fall.

Even if you cast out kids as spreaders.. the cohoax respiratory disease "spread" at the same rate as influenza (Canada numbers are identical) but you can not REPEAT can not have one respiratory disease spread but alienate ALL not just some but ALL others. That is evidence of fraud.

Masks don't work and people touch everything when shopping, then touch phones, cash, etc.. people are as much bacteria spreaders as kids.

CoVID19 was never real. Here is the thing.. why was it ever called CoVID19? When SARS1 was released, it was SARS bcuz the disease is in the name. This time around they changed the name 47 times to flip it around from the fact that CORONAVIRUS in diagnostics has been and always will be /the common cold/.