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I dont even care if i miss out on vital information which will lead to my death. Anything is better than listening to 500 screaming banshees all day long 24/7. Death is preferable.

Nobody has proposed plan of actions beyond

  1. buy food water seeds ammo
  2. scream and yell like lunatic ultra religious 900AD sacrificial lamb women
  3. omg my internet my phone my vaccine my power my food

I dont even care if its all true. I'd literally rather die TODAY than to listen to this shit go on for another second. Stop talking about and do something.

This isnt a rant against conspiracies.win by the way, this goes for all the communities all over the internet discussing The Great Reset this is nothing to do with this place here. You all are cool as fuck. It's because this is the best one, that I feel alright posting it here specifically.

I just need to rant.

And for the record, you all do what you want, im a random nobody so who gives a fuck about my opinion, im just putting it out into the void bc my eyes are bleeding reading inaction all day for the past 365 days.

For me personally

  1. im not going to post new topics any further, it serves no purpose for me any longer to contribute, it is constant doom and gloom and its become extemist snuff violent rape pornography imho, a relentless flood of nonstop posting about fear and doom.
  2. im not going to comment further unless i see someone specifically requestong something i feel only i have the answer to at that time
  3. i will post if it serves a specific purpose and actually contributes to slowing or stopping upcoming problems
  4. ive already quit my hospital job
  5. im moving shortly to a red state
  6. we have the 2nd amendment and militias for a reason, ive tried to discuss with and motivate people but either their head is in the sand or they doom porn all day

Ive always been about action in my life. I cannot fucking stand inaction. All i see everywhere is inaction as far as The Great Reset is concerned, so if nobody wants to do anything, i may as well live out my upcoming days in peace than listening to yodeling donkeys from hell all day.

I've had it. Downvote me to deepest depths of the oceans where skyscraper sized squids roam idgaf.

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Enjoy the kool-aid.