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This is more of a devil's advocate thing. Its a shower thought

But I can tell you that the Deepstate has wanted to rid the earth of conspiracy theorists since 9/11/2001...they weren't threatened by JFK truthers or flat earthers, but 9/11 truthers were a serious problem, and still are.

Because 9/11 truthers are now Trumpies

And they clearly, CLEARLY want us dead

What if they gave kind of an inverse binary poison, or rather, they already had a 'cure' in the wings because they also created the bioweapon...they just outsourced to CHINA so they could blame china. (fall guy)

But really the USA developed this bioweapon and the target is the CONSPIRACY THEORIST that they knew would NOT take the vaccine. And that's why theyr'e offering all this weird stuff like pot and alcohol and sex and stuff for you to get the shot. Because when 3/4 of the country dies, theyll be like, "well we even tried to offer them the cure with pot"

The truth is: no one knows what to do. People who want to play it safe, hesitate.

After all, people ARE dying from this and having adverse reactions. Yes, it's a relatively small number compared to who is vaccinated, but the problem is: they're inflating the numbers of those vaccinated GREATLY, just like they inflated the covid cases and covid deaths (person who died in motorcycle accident with covid was considered a covid death)

We don't know the real numbers. We just know a fraction of the real deaths and a fraction of the adverse reactions and if those initial numbers tell us anything, it's "dont get the vaccine"

so you can blame us?

Anyway, if we the conspiracy theorists die of the covid, our vaccinated families should actually still sue them, sue the government, because we were just acting in accordance of our own best information.

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This is america. It doesn't look good in terms of optics--to americans as well as the world that is always looking to america--to round people up

In fact, it's a move that would destroy america by exposing to the world that we aren't what we claim to be--a nation of laws that would prevent such a move

So no, they cannot, simply 'round us up very easily'