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muslimporn 1 point ago +1 / -0

The article above is bullshit propaganda. People should just wipe their bum with it.

The lab-leak story is:

an out for those who haven’t wanted to face the fallout of covering the actual Covid story (i.e., manipulation of definitions and statistics to generate the illusion of an apocalyptic plague)

This is CCP propaganda. We can tell this because it's making a blatantly false argument to attempt to rule out a lab leak. That serves the CCP and the WHO.

It's replacing one accusation with another weaker one. The problem is they're not mutually exclusive. The latter is a matter of fact so they can't really deny it. So instead they try to make it mutually exclusive to try to use it to deny another crime.

The virus emerging through some kind of scientific origin is what we call a possibility. We don't usually call those theories by default. A lab leak is more specific but it's also a distinct possibility. It's absolutely not a story unless I guess if it might be referring to cases where people are referring to is as what happened in the same fashion as someone saying the coin landed on heads before actually checking though it doesn't give the impression of referring to that from the context.

No one in their right mind should take this article seriously if you bother to read it.

They're now allowing people to consider institutional involvement now because they can only maintain so many lies at a time. It's simply a matter of limited capacity so the question is what are they going to cover up next?

That an the journalists want to make all the money releasing the story after colluding with their buddies in twitter, facebook, google, etc to remove all competition then when they report on the story they get all the traffic and the advertising revenue.

The news is their intellectual property. No one else is allowed to do news. something like that is too valuable to let anyone else report on it.

Many internet users don't realise they have a multibillion dollars worth class action antitrust lawsuit against big tech and the press. What happened or might have happened isn't actually their intellectual property. They've been imposing copyright on things you can't copyright.

cee8hooz 1 point ago +1 / -0

Lawsuits... I doubt in those lawsuits "power" really. Law is not working on the rich and powerful,they break it regularly without consequences.

muslimporn 1 point ago +1 / -0

Trump should throw a few bucks to test the waters. Not too little to guarantee failure. Not so much to try to pay to win. Just a little bit to see how far it gets.