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(1) people dont know how to think and have limited vocabulary compared to the 80s and 90s

(2) growing up in the 90s WW2 was on TV all of the time but now in the netflix age is buried deep somewhere inside netflix / hulu

To battle this in yourself watch tv / listen to stuff from the past, stuff from the 50s to 90s.

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SOMEONE SMART, ONCE said that Institutions are not to add to creativity, they are rather to suppress it.

I am convinced that Children growing up on a farm, surrounded by good books from the 1800's and early 1900's would be many times more Creative, and Interesting than any Educumated person today.

Bukowski said that Writers used to live more exciting lives than they wrote about, but now writers don't have interesting lives, and also their writing is dull.

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The people you describe are the ones who gave us the society we have today. People like the wright brothers, who built motorcycle engines from scratch with limited tools, are the ones who invented the tech we now rely on.

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Some knowledge is Inherent (Held over from Past incarnations), and the right influence at the right time, can bring it all back to the mind. But University suppresses these Historical memories, and instincts for a lifetime, sometimes.

Furthermore, the Educated feel that the only way to acquire knowledge is through the Approved Channels, and so they never search it for themselves,