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It might sound weird, but it's clear that the "Vaccine depopulation plan" is NOT an effective depopulation plan (sterilization is long term and is not useful for wiping out large swathes of people in an instant.) Even the Vaccines proper kill as much people as Covid.

At this point it's just fear propaganda enforced by governments and the WHO.

Yet, there is one elephant in the room many ignore; the Illuminati NWO's ability to ACTUALLY murder large swathes of populations at once.

They are not that creative.

Social issues blown out of control, followed by rebellion (and propaganda) against the status quo (which may or may not be corrupt), civil war, provisional, military crisis, new government, new government unleashing genocide or mass extermination in one form or another, then a rubber stamp dictatorship rules over a group of impoverished serfs.

This is always what happens if you have the "Illuminati NWO" in charge.

But back to the elephant in the room.

In our case (and I meant the modern man, not America), the Covid-19 elephant will consist of the following.


  1. Vaccines deemed a goalpost and the pandemic becomes an eternal emergency / social distancing, mask mandates, mandated thermo/trackings etc retain themselves for no apparent reason EVEN with vaccines / Mutant breakthrough strain false flags
  2. BLM / Antifa riots go completely out of control and burnt down the White House as Biden leaves, before the revolutionary machete killers start to kill the rich (Bill Gates, Fauci, Trump etc) or other "impurities" such as "White Christian Folk".
  3. A new rightist separatist state emerges from conservative states and starts confiscating guns and killing every single LGBT people they see. Again, the "Rich" are dead if they don't run
  4. The Leftist BLM/Antifa and the Rightist Patriot/Neo-Nazi fronts start fighting each other for a civil war before a warlord occupies all of America, denies the covidian cult and re-establishes the economy before unleashing a false flag in Taiwan and another in Ukraine, leading to Russia and China declaring World War III against the US
  5. Neo-Nationalist US Government sends LGBT people, Blacks, Mexican Immigrants, Chinese expats (or anyone they suspect were Chinese, including stuff like Vietnamese or Koreans) into Fun Camps
  6. US gets stomped upon by Russia and China and is instantly occupied by UN Blue Helmets. All other countries who fought for the US (and Taiwan) get the same fate for being "Axis" forces. FEMA Camps begin to be used to send almost every Conservative in to get them gassed
  7. UN establishes worldwide government and says that there will be "no countries", also gets the whole World Wide Web patented and monopolized by itself (so if you want to upload a video you have to pay them a big sum)

After the World War:

  1. Covid False Flag continues and becomes the war on terror for the next decade. All "new normal" mandates remain but with higher severity, cameras on the street could check you for Covid (although they seem to just mark random people on the streets as "infected") and questioning the "science" behind Covid will get you sent to a FEMA Camp to be gassed
  2. UN starts hiring all sorts of criminals/mentally unstable youth to become Civilian Conduct Patrols who will kill upon certain "taboo topics", such as Holocaust Denial, Christianity and Patriotism. Those who believe in Islam will be forced to eat pork before they get beheaded
  3. Activities that require Mass gatherings (such as protests, live concerts, parades etc) and increase the spread of Covid are eliminated. All sports events, concerts etc. do not accept live audiences
  4. Humans begin to become infused with machines (which are microchipped), at first to prevent Covid, then made the smartphone obsolete. The machines have "no effect on covid"
  5. Schools are now internet based and if your children does not get homeschooled by a "teacher", they and their parents will be killed on spot
  6. News continues to overblow "Pandemic Numbers" to ensure more insanity

The Great Reset:

  1. A Mutant Strain of Covid supposedly "kills all world leaders within a month", whole world collapses into lawlessness (in reality, the extermination has began and the elites hid in Antarctica)
  2. Humanity undergoes an isolation-based behavioral sink and starts killing their own. Within a year or two, just like how they became accustomed to wearing masks, they could not sustain themselves in any way but cannibalism and murder
  3. 4 Million Apex Predators remain and are driven away to the pristine wilderness by the Elite, and they begin to repopulate the planet with GMO "Beautiful ones" who are stronger and prettier than the old man, and follow their orders without question. The Beautiful Ones were ruled by the Elite's Clones, who now live on as Demi-gods while the former man is degraded into a wild animal left in the wilderness to rot

That's why CDC somehow had a "Zombie Apocalypse" page.

The Zombies are most likely us, who had suffered from an emotional and existential death and suffered from a behavioral sink where we kill and eat our own.

The hostility I witnessed from people since the pandemic started are legend, and at this point, people will no longer be able to sustain themselves without the smell of blood and death.

This is the Elephant in the Room that I fear more than a mere vaccination false flag: An absolute, existential death.

And at this point, I fear it might be inevitable. These people can and will fulfill it no matter how much resistance they face...and it's been clear in Jacobin France, Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Communist China, America...and finally Scamdemic World...it happened no matter what.

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RightSideFunding 1 point ago +4 / -3

Right and Left Unite, and Agree to a Cease-Fire, while we collectively Separate ourselves from the State, and from each other. You go that way, I will go this way, you leave me alone, and I will do the same.

The Problem is the Federal Govt which binds things, and people unlike together. Let the Degens have Degen regions, the Non-Whites live with Non-Whites. also let the Anarchists play., and decide their form of Government.

All of this is made possible with the Implementation of a System of Absolute Separation, or Refusal to Participate.

This is Panarchy. Much like the so called Native Americans live, sure.. there may be Trade, and communication between the Eco and Ethno Villages, but for the most part they operate independently.

There should be a Silmple Federal Constitution, which guarantees Freedom to Speech, and Self Defense.. Also it permanently limites the reach of a Federal Govt.

So, Here is what I advocate for. Full Separation, peacefully of all the Races, and Groups and what not.. Also we may have some mixed zones.

Drain the Power from the State. Drain the Power from the Banks. Drain the Power from the Police State. Drain the Power from Big Tech, and BIG VAX.

Drain them through non-involvement. Just act as though they do not exist. Want a refreshing Soda while dining out? Oh., they only have Coke? Ok, I will have Water.

But it is not enough to Boycott, and Buycott.. We also need Mutual Aid societies, and a shared Labor Currency for the whole nation. It is either Labor Currency, or Replacement by Robots, and AI.. along with State Controlled UBI.. NO VAX NO UBI>

So, work will no longer be necessary, in most areas.. and so the Labor Currency creates Demand where there was none before.. Work not for profit alone, but work for the sake of work. Productive Labor is the Backbone of a Worker Revolt.

And there it is friend.. How may Left and Right unite, Gay and Straight, Male and Female, Cis, and Trans, White, and Black? Throught a Workers uprising, and revolt,

A shared nationwide Currency that Enables the Groups to Seperate, and to engage in public works campaigns to fix, or build their newly inherited Ethno Villages.

Does some one see what I mean here? Reservations for all Races. Supported by an On Demand, Guaranteed, Living Wage Productive labor currency.

Parallel State, and Economy.. Also Medical System.

Zap_Powerz 2 points ago +2 / -0

The left will never leave you alone. ever.

CuomoisaMassMurderer 2 points ago +2 / -0

Your panarchy idea will be wiped out by the first warlord to come along. So weak even China could take it over.

RightSideFunding -2 points ago +1 / -3

You think on a National Level, whereas I don't care about the Nation. I care about my Race,.. As it is today, the Nation known as America is more likely to destroy my Race, than a future Warlord, or China.

CuomoisaMassMurderer 1 point ago +1 / -0

I don't care about the Nation.

Too many people sacrificed too much for any American to make that mistake. Plannedemic is about getting the US populace to willingly forfeit everything this Nation ever stood for, in exchange for some gibs. That's been the plan since 1913.

They've broken your will. Snap out of it!

RightSideFunding -1 points ago +1 / -2

Listen here Bud, I am a Son of the American Revolution and a Son of the American Indian wars.. In 1752, George Washington surveyed my family's 400 Acre plot of land in Virginia.

So the sacrifice that you speak about is in my blood. But will you ask, what did they sacrifice for?

Did they fight the Indians, and give up many lives of Kin, so that the Indians could take back the land in less than 500 years? Did they lay the foundations of the Constitution, so that a mix of random races could benefit from the land in a few hundred years?... While pushing the Whites to be a persecuted minority?

Or stated simply,.. did they fight for Land, or for the Race? Sure.. you can say the Land, but the intent of the land was to protect and provide for the Race.. They would have not fought for the land, to simply give it up to another.

The Current State is the enemy of the Race, and the Race's best chance of Survival is to overthrow that State, or completely neglect it.. Once that is done, it is in the best interest of the People to Racially Separate, and begin to build something for Folk again.

You can argue the view of Panarchy, that is fine.. There is also merit in Monarchy, tied to Panarchy.. but still, the State itself is not worth fighting for, and if it takes some sacrifice of land, to preserve the Race, then it is worth it.. and it is in honoring the sacrifice of our Ancestors.

RightSideFunding -2 points ago +1 / -3

Why haven't the smaller EU countries been wiped out by a Warlord?

The Villages / States may maintain their own Autonomy, but they should also participate in a Mutual Defense Pact. Anyone attacks one Village, all Villages must attack that one.

CuomoisaMassMurderer 1 point ago +1 / -0

Why haven't the smaller EU countries been wiped out by a Warlord?

Open a history book sometime. They were. Not that long ago.


RightSideFunding -1 points ago +1 / -2

Yes, and what happened? The "War Lord" was badly defeated.

Do you have a secret method or idea that will eliminate the risk of War at any time, ever again?