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Why am ayh not surprised.


October 2017

Friendly reminder that this is about the time Dr. Fuckface had commented that her was certain a surprise pandemic would appear in the next few years.

Bet you all the money Rockefeller has that Johns Hopkins, which aggregates and shares all the data about CoVID19, who co-sponsored Event 201 with Gates Foundation, is where you can trace 95% of all the fraud in medical America including depression, anxiety, adhd, vaccines, etc etc.

Johns Hopkins must be conquered for us to win.

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Fun story...a former roommate of mine lived at a woman's house for a summer, doing housework in exchange for most of the rent.

Turns out, her husband was big at Johns' Hopkins, so much so that a building was named after him (she was a widow).

She was also insane. I thought that upon meeting her once, but my roommate told me additional stories.

Johns Hopkins employs more people than anyone else in Maryland, besides the government. And one thing I highly suspect is their shady hiring of scientists. They have an awful lot of very lowly paid research positions, and it appeared to me that they abuse their "educator" status to do it. I would hazard a guess that many of the positions aren't filled by Americans as well. I haven't looked at their job site in a while, because, ya know, I'd rather not work for the devil.

A good rabbit hole is the "Ocean Elders" group, which includes current JHU employee Rita Colwell. I worked with her briefly. Somebody on reddit called them the Super Adventure Club.

MindlessRationality 2 points ago +2 / -0

I was tracking the data from JH and they were obviously working with China early because they had China's data available right away and they didn't bother to consider any sources except certain government ones at the onset even though they had a GitHub. I tried to track it but it was very clear after they kept changing the format that they wanted to focus on specific narrative in the media, but the data set was not concerned with accuracy because they were changing their stats tracked at a couple points.

They stopped updating a lot of data after a while and they made it look like US was outbreaking more but they just kept narrowing the data sets to more locations in the US but no where else around the globe.

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JH pre-Covid would consistently note that aggregating influenza and pneumonia data would require weeks of processing and factual numbers would not be released until months after ... THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN COVID and they released "confirmed" data each day without hesitation to all the media outlets especially CNN who ran tickers solely from JH.