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Everyone is saying how bad is 2020, but I think the worst is yet to come. This will be the demolition of the civilized man as we call it.

  • Covid Pandemic measures continue until 2070, by 2040 expect people to go insane and kill each other for food and money because of abusive groomer training like anti pandemic measures
  • Biden being declared the loser (by design), inducing rage and aminosity between the left and the right, causing America to fall into revolution and civil war - 40 Million Americans die
  • A warlord unifies all 4 warring states and unleashes an anti chinese, anti lgbt and anti-American purge (Nihilism), then unleashes WWIII upon China and Russia
  • The Axis decimates the EU and America, as well as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Israel, then UN Blue Helmets, PLA and Spetnaz occupy America looking for blood - 40 million more die in America, 300M die all over the world
  • Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft etc. tech giants become directly monopolized by the UN's agents (because the old CEOs like Gates are being driven into exile by the Communist Revolution or purged by Marxist Genocide) and all internet services are patented to prevent any dissenting

And the earliest of these final preparations (Biden declared as loser) will appear as soon as 2021.

The upcoming 10 years or beyond will be a spectacle for human beings.

This generation lived in prosperity but had no idea they will be bathing in carnage soon.

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lul. Well then. Let the Galaxy burn.